Our Process

  1. You send in your design - send us your design in whatever format.
  2. We space it up - we slice and code the provided design to a fully functional and valid web page.
  3. You get it back - we send the complete source back to you in just 8 hours!

Who is Dr. Martian?

Who is Dr. Martian?
We can develop it really fast!
Dr.Martian is a problem solver; he lets you focus on your designs whilst taking care of all your coding needs in a very simple, fast and affordable way.

Dr. Martian can convert your design to:
  • XHTMLConvert from PSD to XHTML
  • WordPressConvert from PSD to WordPress Themes
  • Joomla!Convert from PSD to Joomla 1.0.x or 1.5.x Templates

It's really affordable!

Who is Dr. Martian?
Attention designers!
You can now start offering Web Design services yourself!

Starting from as little as $250, you can have a fully functional and validated working website, plugged into one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) to offer to your client.

In just a few days we can develop custom templates or themes for WordPress, Joomla and plain XHTML.

From our clients...
I want to take a minute to say 'Thank You' for your continued business partnership. Your outstanding support, communication, and timely fashion in which projects have been completed are sincerely appreciated. Your design skills and ability to produce visually appealing websites as well as your programming skills are unsurpassed. Whenever I need anything, I have learned all I need to do is let you know. In a time of increased impersonality, it is a joy to know that when I send you an email it will be promptly answered. Thank you again for a wonderful service, backed up by impeccable support. What a winning combination! Todd M.

We put YOU in control

You send the design - we code it
You choose the deadline - we meet it
You have a question - we answer it
You will get...
  • A fully functional web page in 8 hours
  • 100% HTML & CSS Validated code
  • Search engine friendly code structure
  • A cross-browser tested site
  • FREE troubleshooting & Support
  • » Turn up your engines and START NOW!