Our Process

  1. You send in your design - send us your design in whatever format.
  2. We space it up - we slice and code the provided design to a fully functional and valid web page.
  3. You get it back - we send the complete source back to you in just 8 hours!


QHow can you help me?
AWe will convert your design file, in whichever format you have it in, into a fully functional website, sliced and coded just for you. Whether it is JavaScript/ AJAX, CSS, XHTML, PHP, CSS dropdown, file optimization and so on.
QHow do you work out your prices?
ASo we won’t be confusing, our prices are charged per page. The price quoted is for the first page, each additional page with different content or layout will be charged separately. For complex layouts or any other peculiar request, we will contact you immediately if any additional work is required for us to complete the project to your satisfaction.  
QDo you give Discounts?
AOf course, we offer both quantity and frequency discounts. Quantity discount apply to sites with multiple pages and frequency discount apply to the volume of projects that we handle for you.  The more pages or volume of work that you have the greater discount you get.
QDo  you do SEO?
AYes, even though all of our work is SEO- friendly. We offer an extensive SEO service for those who want to take SEO to another level, and even further increase the traffic to their website.
QDo you work in Flash and ActionScript?
AYes, we can embed your flash movie in the code at an additional cost.
QHow can we keep in touch?
AWe normally communicate via e-mail or Skype; however we can make other special arrangements if these are not satisfactory for you.
QHow do you deliver your work?
AWe‘ll save you the artwork as skins, themes or templates depending on your platform, and we normally zip them and send them over by e-mail.
QDo you do web design?
AYes. Dr. Martian is supported by a team of highly professional and creative web designers. Just send us your brief and components and we will give you back the website of your dreams.


QWill the code work on PCs and Macs?
AAbsolutely! We normally test browse the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 +, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome and Opera 9+. If you have any other particular browser that you would like us to test, just let us know and we will include it in our testing phase against an additional cost.
QWhat about e-mail?
AYes we also do e-mail testing on: all Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and Apple Mail.

Easy Order Placement

QHow can I process my Order?
A It‘s so easy.   All we need is for you to upload or send us the following: - The unflattened source file preferably in Photoshop PSD, though we accept all graphic design file formats you can think of - just to name a few - PNG, JPEG, AI, Freehand, etc. Ideally, the designs should be in RGB - 72dpi. - - A flattened image so that we know how the finished website should look like. - Font files if you are have your own particular font. - Your notes about the project, including where possible existing website examples for reference. If we are reworking a finished site just sent us the files zipped.


QHow can I pay?
AWe accept PayPal. Please contact us if you prefer another payment method.
QWhen do I pay you ?
ABefore we start working, we need 50% deposit. Once the coding is done, we send it back to you for review. When you're happy with it we invoice the remaining 50% and send all source files.
QWhat currency do you accept?
AWe accept payments in USD ($), EUR (€) and GBP (£). Currency conversions are based on the current exchange rate against USD ($) when contract is formed or Start Now form is submitted.


QWhere can you see our work?
AAs part of our commitment to keep our identity secret and not showing any personal details on our client's product, we do not have an online portfolio. If you would like to see some of our work we invite you to contact us and we will happily refer some of our latest projects in our portfolio.
QDo we do outsourcing?
AOutsourcing is one of our strongest points. Dr. Martian can be your perfect trusted outsource partner. It is important to note that we do not include our name anywhere in the code!
QCan I access code and CSS for future changes?
AOf Course! Nothing is locked and our CSS classes and images are named in a way that is understandable by anyone working on the same project at a later stage.


QWhat are your working hours?
AOur working hours are from Monday – Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm (GMT +1), but you can place your order anytime. We will process it the following morning and get back to you with any queries.
QDo you guarantee Delivery Time?
AWe have NEVER missed any of our Deadlines.  Just select the delivery date and we will meet it.  Only remember that some projects  are more complex than normal  and will require further work to code, so even though you might select a set date and cost for a particular project  we need to verify if is feasible before we can start working on the job.
What are YOU waiting for? Dr. Martian is ready to space up your projects.